While the service receives its funding from the Catholic Church in Ireland, it is completely independent of the church, in relation to its policies and procedures and the manner in which the service is provided.

Independent Board Members

Towards Healing is governed by an independent Board of Directors.
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Towards Healing Service Provision Team

Towards Healing services are managed by a team of Case Managers, Service Co-ordinators and Administration. The overall strategic direction of the organisation is established by the Board. The Board delegates responsibility and authority to lead the organisation and services to the Manager, who in turn delegates responsibility to members of the team.

Independent Counsellors

Counsellors to whom our clients are referred by Towards Healing are independent, professionally qualified, and work in the context of an ethical code, which guarantees the safety and privacy of every client.¬†Towards Healing engages only qualified and accredited counsellors who have knowledge and experience relevant to each client’s individual need.