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One-to-one structured telephone counselling


This service provides clients with ‘over the phone’ counselling as opposed to meeting face to face. The counselling is carried out by a fully trained and accredited psychotherapist who is approved by Towards Healing.
Like ‘face to face’ counselling, the sessions are usually weekly and last 1 hour in duration.

The day and time of the sessions are agreed in advance so as to ensure the client can locate themselves in a suitable environment for the phone session.  

Counselling or psychotherapy provides a regular time for those in distress to explore their feelings and talk about their problems, challenges and fears.
A therapist can support a client to develop better ways of coping, facilitate healing and can provide a structured support in assisting a client bring about positive change in their lives. Sometimes just talking to someone confidentially who is not a friend or family member can make all the difference.   

This service can be particularly helpful to clients with limited mobility, living in remote areas or wanting complete privacy in terms of accessing a support service.
It can also be helpful to clients living abroad who would prefer to work with an Irish therapist who has an understanding of Irish culture.

"Without the help of my family and counsellor I would not be here today. I finally got the answer to questions that I have had for 35 years"

"My counsellor has given me back my self respect and confidence to go forward with my life"

I had a truly healing experience in my therapy and have finally come out from under the shadow and weight of the abuse I experienced in my late teens!

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