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Kind words from clients

The Robin

I know a little Robin,
He comes to me night and day
He taps on the window
I am here to stay;
I will look after you in every way
He puts a smile on my face and makes me happy each day
He brings hope and joy to me
I feel safe and content in every way
He reminds me that my father is there
Looking down from above
With tenderness and love

By Maria Byrne

My Journey of Triumphs

A Is for anger that I have
B Is for the braveries that I have shown
C Is for the courage that I have now
D Is for the danger that I went through
E Is for the emotions that I felt
F Is for the friends that stood by me
G Is for the generosity that was given to me
H Is for the hope that I got to see
I Is for the imagination that I could see
J Is for the joy that I now feel
K Is for the kindness that people gave to me
L Is for the lovely person that I am
M Is for mam that helps me
N Is for the new beginnings that I now have
O Is for the opportunities can now arise
P Is for the positive thoughts I now have
Q Is for the queen that I see in me
R Is for the reason that I now live for
S Is my safe place
T Is for the truth that has come out
U Is for the understanding that I have now
V Is for the victory that I have achieved
W Is for the wish that I hope I will see
X Is for the x-ray of a lovely picture of me
Y Is for yellow to bring out that lovely bright light in me
Z Is for zip that has opened that lovely heart in me.

By Maria Byrne

The day my friend Bernie and I ran away from the Orphanage

I robbed £2 and my best friend, Bernie, and I ran through the park. We ended up out
in Bray.
We went into the water, played and splashed each other a lot. We were having great fun and we stuffed our faces like mad.
When all the money was gone we went back to the beach. We played a lot more until we were tired. We both got out of the water and sat on the wall talking to each other. I said “it is great to be free”.
Just as I had said those words, a hand went onto my shoulder and Bernie’s shoulder too. We both looked around and said “oh shit! The police!”.
They put us in a car and brought us back to the nuns. When we got back there two nuns were waiting at the door for us.
We knew we were going to get it. We got a very hard beating but it was worth it because Bernie and I had the best day of our lives. We tried to do it again but we thought, “we better not or we would get another beating”.
My best friend is now dead. She was like a sister to me. She used to come into my room and read me a story and I did it the next night. It was her turn this night but she never came into my room, so I got up out of bed to see what was wrong.
When I reached the door I felt something touching my head. I looked up and screamed the whole place down. Bernie had hung herself at 11pm. When I woke the whole place up, one of the nuns dragged me down and beat me as mad.
I cried so much, not because of the beating, but because of my friend Bernie. I asked one of the nuns, “Where did you take Bernie?” She gave me a slap across the face and said, “at least she is gone. That’s one less mouth to feed”.
I said, “She was my best friend and I want to say goodbye to her”, but they would not let me. I said to myself “you will pay someday and I hope it will be soon”.
Bernie, although you are gone, I know you are with me and looking down minding me. Thank you my dear friend, I love you so much. You know I am thinking of you every day of my life.
Take care my dear friend, looking down and thinking of me.

Your dear friend, Maria.

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